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what are tiny weddings?


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...Birmingham's original pop-up elopement wedding company.

Tiny/mini/petite weddings, styled elopements, pop-up weddings...whatever you want to call it, it's Birmingham's quickest way to get hitched!

It's turning traditional wedding planning on it's head, simplifying the experience, and making getting married stress-free and fun!





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what are tiny weddings?

WE BELIEVE IN MEMORIES AND MOMENTS AND all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. WE believe in love and that starting your life together does not have to be complicated - but is worth celebrating and marking in a special way.

but first, Why tiny weddings

how does a tiny wedding work?


14.5 months, according to the Knot.com

Average engagement length:

Average for the bham area - $30K

How much traditional weddings cost:

... it's different. Why have the kind of wedding as everyone else? Or why just elope/do Vegas/go to the courthouse? We bridge the gap between doing All The Things and eloping.

... it's simple. We provide a done-for-you wedding experience, very little planning on your part needed. Short and sweet, we get you married and celebrated with minimal fuss!

... it's affordable. We are committed to keeping the cost low. Spend your money on a great vacation, a house, or (less fun) that nagging student debt.

... it's responsible. By sharing the resources with other couples on your wedding day, you can help minimize waste of materials, resources, and time.

... it's professional. Building on years of experience planning weddings, we assemble a team of established wedding pros for each TWB date. You get top-notch design and experience for a fraction of their regular costs!

... it's all about our great city, Birmingham! We are committed to showing off what Bham has to offer - beautiful and unique spaces and the best wedding pros!

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faq's and more


1. You and your guests show up at the time you registered for, dressed in your finest and ready to celebrate!

2. Your short-and-sweet ceremony lasts about 10 minutes, making the day official. our officiant works closely with you to make the ceremony exactly what you want.

3. As soon as those "i do's" are done, we pop the champagne! your mini-reception lasts around 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to celebrate with your loved ones! And cake, of course!

4. We send you on your married way, and our photographer spends another 30 minutes with you, capturing that magic of being a newlywed!

5. After that, you are free to continue celebrations where and how you'd like! many of our couples host a dinner, or even a larger reception after their tiny wedding.


Find us in the Winter/Spring Birmingham Magazine Weddings issue, or read the article online here.

We were honored to write a guest post for Bustle Gowns' blog on minimalist weddings! Read it here.

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